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Craig Hassed, MD

Shannon Harvey

Watch an excerpt from Dr Craig Hassed's episode in the Conversation Series Senior Lecturer, Monash University Faculty of Medicine --- Inaugural President of the Australian Teachers of Meditation Association The ancient Greek physician and father modern medicine, Hippocrates was guided by the principal that the mind and the body are connected. Dr. Craig Hassed not only shares this understanding, but as leading Australian academic and writer he has made it his life's work to educated medical practitioners and their patients about the latest science proving a mind body connection. He's an MD who has published several books and peer reviewed... Read full article »

Damien Finniss, MD

Shannon Harvey

Watch an excerpt from Dr Damien Finniss's episode in the Conversation Series Associate Professor University of Sydney Pain Management Research Institute, Royal North Shore Hospital School of Rehabilitation Sciences, Griffith University At best placebo used to be thought of as a vague unexplained medical phenomena. At worst it was thought of as medical trickery. But thanks to the pioneering research of people like Dr. Damien Finniss, modern research is giving us a greater understanding of the body’s own mechanism to heal itself. Dr. Finniss is a leading expert in the clinical applications of placebo. He is part of a group... Read full article »

Sara Lazar, PhD

Shannon Harvey

Watch an excerpt from Dr Sara Lazar's episode in the Conversation Series Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School --- “Her amazing brain scans show meditation can actually change the size of key regions of our brain, improving our memory and making us more empathetic, compassionate, and resilient under stress.” -TEDx talks Dr. Sara Lazar is at the cutting edge of research into the affects of meditation and yoga on brain activity and changes in brain structure. Dr. Lazar came across the benefits of yoga in 1994 when her physician encouraged her to try it after she sustained an injury to her... Read full article »


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