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Host an Online Streaming

Host an Online Streaming

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For teachers, health and community organisations and businesses, that want to provide a film stream directly to your email list, your employees, or all the participants in your next course.

Your online streaming licence comes with: 

  1. A unique screening link to share with your viewers. (The link will be valid for 12 weeks from the date of purchase.)

  2. A Screening Information Package, which contains your Screening Licence (a copy of the terms and conditions associated with your selected licence), your Screening Guide (a step-by-step guide on how to host a successful online event), and promotional materials (including the official film poster, logos, artwork for social media, design templates for an event invitation/flyer, image stills from the film, profile photos of people featured in the film etc.)

Please ensure that you accurately select the size of your intended audience. In order to protect the film from piracy and to help us to continue producing films, if the link is widely shared beyond the group you intended and you exceed the number of people appropriate for your licence, the link will become inactive.

Prices in USD.

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