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Shannon Harvey is a seasoned host and keynote speaker with a reputation for relentlessly honest, scientifically grounded and seriously motivating presentations.

In her carefully crafted talks she shares science-backed skills, clear strategies and inspirational anecdotes to educate, entertain and empower people to live happier, healthier and longer lives. 

You can:

  • Have Shannon speak at your next event or conference. 
  • Screen one of her films to your staff or customers at a special event.
  • Provide a stream of the film within your organisation to your staff or customers.
  • Order custom DVDs with bonus content tailored to your specific purpose.

Some of Shannon’s previous topics include:

My Year Of Living Mindfully

In the midst of a growing mental illness epidemic, health journalist Shannon Harvey enlisted a team of scientists to put meditation to the test. But after a 30,000 kilometre journey around the world from the bright lights of Manhattan to the dusty refugee camps of the Middle East, what began as a year-long self-experiment ultimately became a life-changing experience. In this presentation Shannon shares the story behind her award-winning feature film, My Year of Living Mindfully.

Finding The Connection Between Your Mind, Body and Health

On her road to recovery from an incurable autoimmune disease, health journalist Shannon searched through thousands of scientific papers, and travelled the world to interview dozens of pioneering health researchers. In this talk she shares what she learned while making her internationally acclaimed film, The Connection and writing her award-winning book The Whole Health Life. In this talk Shannon will reveal the simple, effective and evidence-based things that we can all do for ourselves to get healthy, find balance and live better.

Mission Impossible – How I Proved That Doing IT ALL is a Myth

As a health journalist with a chronic illness which is worsened by lifestyle factors, Shannon Harvey devotes her time to investigating what it takes to be healthy. But when she tallied the amount of time experts say we should spend on sleeping enough, working enough, exercising enough, cooking-enough, parenting enough and “relaxing” enough, she discovered there’s a problem – the numbers don't add up. Shannon’s talk is about the work-life time-deficit and how to overcome it.

The Science of STAYING Motivated

Why do smokers struggle to quit and drinkers struggle to stop? Why don’t we go to bed on time? And why do most of the contestants of The Biggest Loser inevitably regain weight once the cameras stop rolling? It’s because wanting to change isn’t hard. Often getting started isn’t even the hard bit. It’s making the change stick that really counts. This is something health journalist Shannon Harvey knows all too well. As someone who lives a chronic illness which is worsened by lifestyle factors, Shannon devotes her time to investigating what it takes to STAY healthy. 


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