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How To Find Time To Meditate

Shannon Harvey

Over the weekend I was invited to present at the Australian Meditation Conference to talk about the new documentary I'm working on, My Year of Living Mindfully, which started production eight months ago after I woke up to the fact that I was a stressed-out, overworked mother of two small kids who couldn’t find the time for what I considered to be an essential key to my health and wellbeing – meditation. As I confessed to the audience of psychologists, scientists, healthcare providers, and meditation teachers at the conference, I should have known better. I’m a health journalist with an... Read full article »

Rethinking Stress: How Changing Your Thinking Could Change Your Health

Shannon Harvey

In late 2009 I came across a web link that changed my life. On about page 20 of a Google search I stumbled upon an academic paper written by an Australian MD and university professor named Craig Hassed which highlighted the emergence of evidence-based mind-body medicine.At the time I was very sick. I’d been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease four years before and had spent a fortune trying everything that both conventional and alternative medicine had to offer. The paper, which was called “Mind-Body Medicine: Science, Practice and Philosophy,” outlined research linking the brain to the immune system, the importance... Read full article »

The Loneliness Epidemic: More Connected And More Lonely Than Ever

Shannon Harvey

I had a very surreal experience last year while travelling in the USA. From the moment a taxi driver dropped me off at an airport terminal to the moment I landed at my next destination, I did not speak to another human. In that time I checked in my luggage, proceeded through security, ordered and ate my lunch, purchased a takeaway cup of tea, shopped for a new paperback, and boarded my flight. I didn’t have a conversation with another human for the five hours that I was in transit because there was no need to have one. Terminal C... Read full article »

Why Are You So Hard On Yourself?

Shannon Harvey

The other day I found myself part-way through devouring a freshly baked cookie when a loud voice interrupted my revery. “Shannon Harvey,” it said. “Stop eating that cookie immediately.” The cookie was still warm, sweet, vanillary and delicious, so I ignored the voice. “Shannon,” it persisted, “you do not need the excess sugar and empty calories today. Don’t you have any self-control?” Defiantly, I munched forward, reasoning that the home-made cookie contained some worthy nutritional ingredients. “SHANNON! Do not kid yourself that there is anything healthy about eating a third cookie. You will make yourself sick and miserable.” Half-eaten, I... Read full article »

My One-Year-Old Son Can Live In “The Moment,” So Why Can’t I?

Shannon Harvey

The assignment was simple enough; practice mindful washing up. It was given to me by my meditation teacher in preparation for my first 10-day silent retreat. In addition to my 45 minute daily sitting meditation practice, I was also supposed to be paying attention mindfully when tackling the grime on my dirty dishes. But the problem was, I couldn’t do it.If you haven’t tried mindfulness meditation you might be wondering what the big deal is. The teacher says wash the dishes. Just wash the dishes. How hard can that be? The problem is, I loathe having to wash dishes. It’s... Read full article »

The Mindful Way Through Insomnia

Shannon Harvey

It’s taken me an inordinate amount of time to string these words together. I’m unfocussed, inarticulate and foggy. In fact, in the course of writing this sentence I’ve also refreshed my inbox (twice), checked multiple news websites (again) and made (another) cup of tea. I’m in an unusually bad mood and looking for a distraction from the difficulty of having to think. This all boils down to one primary cause – sleep. (Or lack there of.)As regular readers will know, from time to time I suffer from insomnia, usually induced by one of three things:A. CaffeineB. RuminationC. Small children Last... Read full article »

My Year of Living Mindfully (Book)

In the midst of a global mental health crisis, millions of people have turned to mindfulness. But does it actually make us happier and healthier? In a world-first experiment, journalist Shannon Harvey recruited a team of scientists to put mindful meditation to the test. But what began as a year-long self-experiment soon became a life-changing experience..


My Year Of Living Mindfully (Documentary)

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