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In Conversation with Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD (#01)

Shannon Harvey

I'm very excited to be launching my new FREE podcast, where I’ll take you behind the scenes of my health research and projects.

In the new podcast you'll hear my extended interviews with experts that sadly hit the cutting room floor when I’m making my films and writing my books. You'll also hear the real-life stories of people I’ve met along the way who are successfully taking a whole-person, whole-life approach to healthy living.

The podcast is called Shannon Harvey Behind the Scenes

In today’s episode I’m sharing a key interview that I did during the production of my latest documentary, My Year of Living Mindfully. You can hear what happened when I chatted to Jon Kabat-Zinn, an early pioneer of mindfulness in the West.

Among other things we discuss:

  • How to find the time to meditate
  • His response to mindfulness critics
  • The role of mindfulness to address chronic stress in the workplace

For the interview I flew to New York City to meet him at an event where he was speaking for the first time alongside two of his close friends, neuroscientist Richard Davidson and science journalist Daniel Goleman. As you'll hear, the event didn't quite go to plan...



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If you have a question for my podcast, I'd love to hear from you. It might be about mindfulness, about mind-body health, preventive medicine, journalism, filmmaking or whatever else. Leave me a message on the podcast voicemail service.



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