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Jason Wachob

Shannon Harvey

“I just couldn’t function. It was awful. I went to see two different specialists and both of them told me I needed back surgery.”

Jason Wachob’s back pain was so bad he could barely walk. At the time the entrepreneur was running a new company, constantly flying around the country and cramming his 6-foot body into tight plane seats. He was traveling so much that he would often wake up not knowing what time zone he was in.  The stress and the constant compression of his body in unnatural positions resulted in crippling back pain. Jason had two extruded disks and saw two specialist doctors who told him he needed surgery.

“So much of the stress is the stress of the illness and being stressed about having the illness, not the stress that’s causing the illness.” 

Jason is a former Wall Street trader who wasn't inclined towards healing traditions of the East. But with the encouragement of his girlfriend (now wife), in a last ditch effort to heal before going under the knife, Jason turned to Yoga. He started simply. Every day, twice a day for fifteen minutes, he would do the same five poses. After just one week he started to feel better. After a month he was walking for two blocks without pain. It started to work. Encouraged by the results, he kept it up, even before flights in airport boarding lounges.
“I think the most powerful thing is just realizing that everything is connected and once you realize that, things become a lot clearer.”
Jason soon became ready to step up his practice and started a flow style yoga practice that focuses on a moving body and paying attention to breath. Today he is completely pain free. “We’re used to pushing and going faster but paying attention and slowing down is literally what we need mentally and physically.” His journey was so profound, that Jason turned his entrepreneurial skills to a new endeavor - MindBodyGreen a wellness and lifestyle website which aims to make healthy living achievable for everyone.  

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