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Scott Stephens

Shannon Harvey

"I was a terminal patient. I had Stage IV Melanoma. And here I am, cancer free 6 ½ years later." Scott Stephens is not the typical kind of person you would expect to find meditating under a tree for two hours a day. The Aussie carpenter loved nothing more than going to the pub, having barbecues with friends and surfing. But at 24 years old, he was diagnosed with Metastatic Melanoma, an aggressive skin cancer. "My doctor said, ‘It doesn't get any more serious’… I had Stage IV Melanoma and people with stage IV melanoma didn't get better." Scott had... Read full article »

Jason Wachob

Shannon Harvey

“I just couldn’t function. It was awful. I went to see two different specialists and both of them told me I needed back surgery.” Jason Wachob’s back pain was so bad he could barely walk. At the time the entrepreneur was running a new company, constantly flying around the country and cramming his 6-foot body into tight plane seats. He was traveling so much that he would often wake up not knowing what time zone he was in.  The stress and the constant compression of his body in unnatural positions resulted in crippling back pain. Jason had two extruded disks... Read full article »

Ian Gawler

Shannon Harvey

"There's absolutely a potential within the human body to recover from a major illness. It only has to be done once to show it's possible." Ian Gawler was only 26 years old when he was told his cancer was incurable and he had weeks to live. He’d been first diagnosed with bone cancer in his right leg in 1974 and doctors decided amputation from the hip down was the best treatment for the young athlete. But despite the major surgery, the cancer spread to his chest and his pelvis. As a young veterinarian, Ian had seen animals healing against the... Read full article »

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