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In Conversation with Stuart Biddle PhD

I record all the audio for The Whole Health Life podcast from a desk that allows me to work standing up as well as sitting down. I do this because when I was writing my book last year, I learned that even doing the recommended amount of exercise each day may not be enough to counter-act the harmful effects of sitting down too much – in fact I spoke with researchers who so worried about the effects of too much sitting, they’re actually calling sitting the new smoking.

In this podcast you’ll hear my chat with Stuart Biddle – a Professor at Victoria University’s Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living.

He dedicates his time to understanding the fundamentals of the mind-exercise connection – which means he’s studying everything from why it’s so hard to get motivated to move more, to why it’s so hard to stick to stick to exercising once we’ve started.

He’s also recently been turning his mind to the science of sitting too much and he’s full of simple, great ideas that can really make a difference. 

I strongly suspect that as you’re listening to this podcast you’re gong to feel a rush of motivation to sit less and more.


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