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Emotions Tracking Diary Template

Learn to identify your emotions by keeping track of how you’re feeling throughout your day. You can do this by setting a reminder on your phone to buzz every few hours and manually noting down what you are doing in that moment, along with your mood and any associated physical sensations. 


At the start of your day, set a reminder on your phone to buzz every 3 hours (Note: Be sure to turn the reminder off before you go to sleep). When your phone buzzes, take a moment to consider how you are feeling – note your mood, any associated physical sensations, what you are doing and who you are doing it with (i.e., working, eating a meal, watching TV, exercising).

Suggested emotion description words: 
Aggravated, Accepted, Alienated, Amazed, Amused, Angry, Annoyed, Anxious, Apathetic, Ashamed, Awful
Blah, Blissful, Bored
Calm, Chaotic, Cheerful, Confident, Confused, Content, Corgaeous, Cranky, Crazy, Critical, Crushed, Curious, Cynical
Defensive, Depressed, Determined, Devestated, Disappointed, Disillusioned, Drained
Eager, Ecstatic, Embarresed, Empty, Energetic, Envious, Excited,
Fearful, Frustrated, Fulfilled
Grateful, Grief, Grumpy, Guilty
Happy, Heartbroken, Hopeful, Hurt
Ignored, Important, Inadequate, Indifferent, Inferior, Inspired, Irritaed,
Jealous, Joyful
Lethargic, Listless, Lonely, Loved, Loving
Mellow, Micheivevious, Motivated
Naughty, Numb
Open, Optimistic, Overwhlemed
Peaceful, Pessimistic, Playful, Pleased, Powerful, Powerless, Proud
Refreshed, Rejected, Relaxed, Relieved Restless
Sad, Satisfied, Scared, Sensitive, Skeptical, Shocked, Smart, Stressed, Surprised, Suspucious
Terrified, Threatened,
Worried, Wothless, Withdrawn

Examples of physical sensations: headache, heart ache, clear headed, lightness, stomach butterfiles, flutters, shallow breathing, jittery, heavy heart, stuffy nose, tension (i.e., neck, shoulders,  jaw, lower back etc )

DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE - Daily Mood Diary 1 (For tracking emotions throughout the day)

DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE - Daily Mood Diary 2 (For tracking emotions at the end of the day

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