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Sorry For Driving You Nuts – A Health Journalist’s Apology to Family and Friends

Shannon Harvey

If you’re a friend or relative of mine, the chances are that I drive you nuts. I know this because I see your furtive glances when you give my kids lollies, I see you sneaking away at family events to eat your ice-cream out of my eye-sight, and I know that when you invite me around for dinner you’re worried that I’ll critique your chosen menu.The truth is, being close to an investigative health journalist must suck. You probably think that I’m constantly analysing your stress levels, your exercise routine (or lack of one) and your sleeping habits. You probably... Read full article »

Making Healthy Changes You'll Actually Stick To

Shannon Harvey

The other day a friend asked me what I thought of the 5:2 diet. Like so many of us at this time of year, he had been reflecting on the past and was wanting to make a fresh start. He was starting to make some new goals for the new year ahead and slimming down was one of them. He wanted to know if the so called ‘fast’ diet would work.The 5:2 diet became popular with thanks to the endorsement of British doctor and BBC presenter Michael Mosley. The idea is that for five days of the week dieters eat... Read full article »


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